The orchestral groups, which comprise the NSYO, are supported by a group of parents and friends called the NSYO Association which aims to:

  • Promote opportunities for young musicians in the north/north western region of Sydney to develop excellence in all aspects of instrumental performance.
  • Promote the appreciation of music in the community by public and charitable performance.
  • Foster the development of young musicians by providing opportunities for them to interact with other musicians.



It is the philosophy of the Association to promote and support the four orchestral groups, striving to maintain the musical standards in each, while allowing for the natural progression of players from one group to the next.


The Orchestras

The NSYO consists of various orchestral groups:

  • The String Orchestra and String Sinfonia: The String Orchestra brings young string players together to learn the skills of ensemble playing. The Sinfonia is an extension group, which enables the more advanced players to tackle more difficult repertoire. Members of the Sinfonia will be members of both ensembles.
  • Wind Ensemble: This group offers concert and stage band repertoire for wind, brass and percussion players. The more advanced players can also be members of the Symphony Orchestra.
  • Symphony Orchestra:  String, wind, brass and percussion players come together in this orchestra. Players require previous ensemble experience and a high level of technical ability.


Movement and Placement Within the Orchestras

In order for musical and educational outcomes to be achieved, there has to be a systematic progression of players from one ensemble to another.

  • Players wishing to join NSYO or participate in any NSYO rehearsal or other activity will only be able to do so after completing and signing an application form and paying the membership fees.
  • All players will be auditioned on application and thence annually.
  • Auditions will be held at an appointed time annually.
  • Age, AMEB level, ensemble experience, and conductors’ assessment at audition will determine placement of the player within an orchestra and progression between orchestras. The player’s wellbeing and wishes will be taken into consideration.
  • Placement of players within the ensembles is at the discretion of the Conductors and the Committee. Such placement will take into consideration the needs of the orchestras and the ensemble skills of each player.
  • A prospective musician wishing to join the NSYO during the year will be referred by the Committee to the appropriate ensemble manager who will organise an audition by the Conductor of that ensemble.


General Guidelines:

  • String Orchestra: Instrumental Grade 2 to Grade 6 or equivalent
  • String Sinfonia:  Instrumental Grade 4 to Grade 7/8 or equivalent
  • Wind Ensemble: Instrumental Grade 3 and above
  • Symphony Orchestra: Instrumental Grade 5/6  or equivalent and above


Music and equipment

Players will assist in setting up and clearing equipment and stands at all rehearsals and performances.

String Orchestra players and Symphony players may need to bring their music stands to rehearsals. Please put your name/phone number on all instrument cases, stands and music folders etc.

Please keep your music in a black or navy blue A4 document display folder and bring it each week. All music, including photocopies, is to be returned to the NSYO library when requested.



It is the responsibility of each ensemble player to practice at home in preparation for rehearsals and performances. Practice music will be supplied.



The success of rehearsals and performances depends on the contribution of all players, so please be conscientious about your attendance. If for any reason you are unable to attend a rehearsal or performance you must inform your orchestra manager in advance and as early as possible. If for any reason you are unable to contact your manager you may  e-mail the orchestra  at info@nsyo.org.au. To make our orchestras be the best they can be, please ensure you consider your attendance as a priority – you are a member of the team.



Musicians are expected to arrive 15 minutes early to help set up, tune and be seated ready to start rehearsal promptly at the scheduled time. Extra rehearsals (other than those indicated), may be arranged from time to time. As much notice as possible will be given and normal absence conditions will be applied in all cases.



NSYO  is a community- based association run by volunteers. Parents are urged to volunteer their time and skills so that the association can keep the fees low and can continue to offer opportunities to young players. There are many tasks that do not require any knowledge of music. We depend upon each parent to make an active commitment. Please consider becoming a hands-on member of the Association for the benefit of your children.


Concert Dress

String Orchestra and Sinfonia

Girls: White Blouse, black skirt/trousers, black shoes, black stockings and no glittering jewelry.

Boys: White long sleeved shirt, black trousers, black waist coat (if you have one) black shoes and black socks, black bow tie.

Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble

Girls: All black, black ¾ length skirt or black trousers, black top, black shoes, black stockings, no glittering jewelry.

Boys: All black,  black long-sleeved shirt, black trousers, black shoes/socks.

Fees and registration

  • Players wishing to join NSYO or participate in any NSYO rehearsal or other activity will only be able to do so after completing an application form, registering with the NSYO and paying the membership fees.
  • It is a legal obligation to register and pay fees before commencing any participation in the NSYO

Fees for 2018

String Orchestra $340, String Sinfonia $440, Wind Ensemble $400, Symphony Orchestra $500.

This is an annual fee.

A $50 administration levy charge per member will be added to the fees for final payment. A discount of 10% per family applies for 2 or more NSYO members.


Payment and registration is via TryBooking   

Payment for various functions and concerts can also be made via trybooking.



Bank: Bendigo Bank, Epping

BSB: 633000

Account: 156599540

Name of account: NSYO

Please type your child’s name in the payment reference and provide a printed a receipt as a proof of payment. All fees and registrations from 2018 are to be paid and completed via trybooking.
No cheques or other forms of payment will be accepted.


Do not send cash with your child. Parents, if you wish to pay for any item in cash, please attend in person and hand your payment to the Treasurer or designated committee member. A receipt will be issued which you must keep as evidence of payment. From 2018 Fees are not to be paid in cash and can only be paid via the Trybooking Website.