Celebration in Three Parts

The NSYO will be holding a final concert “Celebration in Three Parts” and all four ensembles are going to perform!

The date is:Thursday 26th November 2020
Venue is:Hornsby RSL - Ball Room Auditorium

There will be three sessions - one for each ensemble. See the table below for the time for your session.

String Orchestra:Performance time 6.15pm – 6.45pm
Wind Ensemble:Performance time 7.15pm – 7.45pm
Symphony OrchestraPerformance time 8.15pm – 9pm


Tickets will be available online via try booking. We need exact numbers and names to meet the Covid cap requirements. The concert will be in three separate sessions. Only 200 people are allowed in the auditorium, including performers, Conductors and Managers.

At this stage we should be able to sell three tickets per player and if there are spare seats, you can buy more tickets after November 23.  There will be a minimal cost of $5 fee for the audience to cover trybooking expenses.

If you have children performing across different sessions, please buy ticket for the earliest session only and one of the question asked while making a booking through trybooking is what extra sessions are you planning to attend. Please fill this up with the subsequent session you are attending. 

Performers, managers and Conductor do not need to buy ticket.  However, if a performer in one of the group is staying to watch their sibling's concert, they must get the NSYO Member Audience ticket (free) to be counted and registered for that session.