String Workshop

What will I do?
specialist tutors will work with the different sections of the ensemble and with some individual players
a special cello ensemble will be formed at this event to showcase our cello talent
fun, games and other activities - it won't be all hard work!

What will it cost?
The workshop is FREE for all current NSYO members (even if you play a different instrument in an NSYO ensmble).
Non NSYO string players will be invoiced $25 for participating. Non NSYO members should be a minimum proficiency of Grade 2 AMEB or equivalent.

What do I bring?

  • a plate to share for afternoon tea (eg sandwiches, cakes, cheese and crackers etc)
  • instrument
  • music stand
  • music folder
  • pencil and rubber
  • medication if required (eg Asthma, Allergy, Anaphylaxis)

What do I wear?
NSYO T-Shirt with own choice pants/skirt.

How do I register?
complete the Google Form in this link by Wednesday 28th August https://forms.gle/fX3mcxVRmepxS5Q6A