The NSYO association is established with the objective to promote development and opportunities in musicianship to its members. A code of conduct is in place to ensure the objectives of the NSYO are met for the benefit of musicians. Upon acceptance of your membership with the NSYO, we expect musicians to comply with the Code of Conduct as set out below:

  • I will follow all the safety and other instructions that the supervising adults (including Committee Members, Conductors and Managers) give me.
  • I will respect the rights of other musicians and adults in the NSYO community.
  • I will not interfere with the belongings of others or cause any disturbance or upset towards other musicians, NSYO Committee Members,

Managers and other members of the NSYO community

  • I will be polite and remember represent the NSYO and my family at all times.
  • I will respect instruments and equipment belonging to other musicians and the NSYO.
  • I support and encourage other musicians to perform at their best.


Performances are a cornerstone of the NSYO’s operation. I agree to:

  • Wear the correct concert attire
  • Perform at my best, as people other than my family and friends may be in the audience.
  • I will make every endeavor to arrive at advised time for a performance. 
  • I also agree to help in setting up and packing up, if asked to do so.

Regular Rehearsals
During regular rehearsal I agree to:

  • Attend every rehearsal.
  • Arrive at the appropriate time to help set up and be ready at start time.
  • Advise the orchestra Manager of my inability to attend as soon as possible.
  • Be attentive and not cause disruption so all the musicians in my ensemble can achieve their best.